a vision that brings together

human experiences and emerging technology


Our vision is to combine emerging technologies to create engaging experiences for our users. We believe in mastering the latest technologies in augmented reality, virtual reality, and located based gaming.

Augmented Reality
  • With augmented reality, we can create one-of-a-kind experiences for players

  • Games like Reel Pets will feature AR bonus sections allowing users to see and interact with their pets in a real-world environment.

eSports Slots
  • Participate and experience the thrill of competition against the house or other live players.

  • Build up your players and teams to get an edge over the opposition.

  • Place in the leaderboards and qualify for prize tournaments!

Location Based
  • Emphasizing and rewarding social interaction is the big opportunity for location-based and casual eSports gaming.

  • With our theme park experience, eSport patent and unique rewards and tournament platform, Reelcade is uniquely postioned to lead the way.


Our unique winning strategy creates eSports games for all types of players.


Love skilled games?  Our eSport games are for players who want to compete against others in games that require strategy or skill. Not a hardcore gamer? That's fine, our casual games are for players who want short and simple game sessions providing unique experiences. And for our social butterflies, we got you covered too. All of our games are for players who want to share experiences with friends.

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